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I've always wanted to shoot people.

Ever since I was a little girl and got let loose with a disposable Kodak, I was hooked on capturing those spontaneous moments. Be it someone dropping a birthday cake, laughing hard at a dad joke, a reaction to a Christmas present, or just the first sunrise of summer, every moment in front of my lens was art.

To me they were magical happenings in time, that were so fleeting, if I managed to capture them, became precious.

It dawned on me when I lost my Nana, that there would be no more photographs. No more moments and that she lived on only in our memories and the photos that remained. Little documents of life events, happy days and a thousand expressions.

I began studying photography in my spare time, from using old school brownie box cameras, to basic digital bodies, I wanted to be able to capture exactly what I saw in front of me and how it made me feel.

I realised over time that my favourite thing to shoot was people. Every individual is different, an endless opportunity for variety, emotion and expression, the perfect medium for documenting life as we know it.

Weddings naturally are my favourite way to do what I love, with the abundance of emotions, joy scattered scenes and privilege of knowing I'm curating a couples happiest memories in a way that is authentic to their relationship.

However, over the years I've taken on clothing brand work, headshots and portrait work and bring that same passion for art and people to every shoot. As long as I'm shooting people, I'm happy!

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